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28 November 2015 @ 04:37 am
Love me liar. Love without a trial. Breathe for me in every hour. Think of me in every mile. Laught with me in endless inspire. Love me with the devil smile. Keep me in that red oaire. Blooming was that love of mine, but they took you in a time. Broken was that glass of mine and yours was hard to be counted as 'alive'. Free me in thet red oair. Hate me with that angel smile. Fainted there with a blink. You don't know that fire. Raging in the heart of admire. Handsome, o cher! Dying, o cher! Whose, o cher! Dolls, runing wild. I'll put you for a while.So love me, liar, with that devil smile and hate to be a while, but the thruth is that I'm a liar.